2016 Disaster Planning for California Hospitals Conference
September 19-21

Download the documents by clicking on the links below:

Pre-Conference, September 19

Responding to America’s Deadliest Shooting — The Physician Perspective (Michael Cheatham)

National Perspective on Responding To Terrorist Actions (Dan Hanfling)

Joining Forces: Collaborating with Law Enforcement to Boost Resilience (Jan Merrick, Pat Brown and Alejandro Diaz)

Cal/OSHA’s Impending Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations
(Gail Blanchard-Saiger and Caryn Thornburg)

Workforce Resilience — People Recovery (Gerald Lewis)

Tuesday, September 20

Opening Keynote

New Ideas to Improve Health Care Delivery in Disasters (David Marcozzi)

General Session

Hospital and Community Response to the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack (Kerry Heinrich, James Parnell, Joe Bruno, Carly Crews, Jarrod Burguan and Dianne McCallister)

Breakout Sessions

Developing Crisis Communication Frameworks for Strategic Response (Marjorie Smallwood and Francine Sneddon)

Ten Steps for Success in Emergency Management (Claudia Marroquin-Frometa, Kurt Kainsinger and Ryan Tuchmayer)

What’s Your Plan B? Emergency Management Principles in Managing Staff Shortages (Saba Mirza and Chau Vu)

Who’s on First: FEMA or Insurance? Disaster Recovery Funding Essentials (Jill Powell)

Fifteen Minutes ‘til 50 Patients — Rapid Response to Mass Casualty Incidents (Christopher Riccardi and Terry Stone)

Customizing HICSi for Everyone (Kristina Spurgeon and Philip Lo)

Are We Ready? Measuring Preparedness and Resiliency (Mark Shirley, Tony Barker and Dennis Olson)

Personal Preparedness — Be Red Cross Ready (Tracy McBroom)

Incorporating New Technology to Your Emergency Management
(Bridget Berg, Steven Storbakken and Laurie Lee-Brown)

Palliative Care for Imminently Dying Pediatric Patients During a Disaster (Amy Hyams, Maggie Hake and Rev. Peter Yuichi Clark)

Breaking News: PIO and Social Media Roles in Emergency Management and Response (Valerie Lakey)

Wednesday, September 21

General Session

When Disaster Strikes: 2015 Butte and Valley Wildfires (Tracy Robles, Dale White, La’Sandra Brown and William Ringer)

Luncheon Session

California Department of Public Health Update (Susan Fanelli)

Breakout Sessions

EHR Downtime and IT Triage — Strategies for Response and Recovery (Stacey Gustafson, Mandy Williams, David Buettner, Crystal Walsh and Jeffrey Ennen)

California’s Neonatal, Pediatric and Perinatal Disaster Preparedness in Action (Patricia Frost, Cynthia Frankel, Kay Daniels, Jason Silvas and Bridget Berg)

Maintaining Readiness for Emerging Infectious Diseases (Kelly Anderson and Karrin Dunbar)

The American Red Cross and Community Response to the 2015 NorCal Wildfires (Eleanor Guzik, Anne Reynolds, Wendi Thomas, Brian Martin and Todd Derum)

Making the 2016 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Work for Your Facility (Mary Massey)

Leading Practices in Decontamination and Triage (Jordan Cathey and Liz Clifton)

Back to Basics: Emergency Hemorrhage Control — A Skill for Life
(Steven Chin)

The Evolution of Health Care Business Continuity — A Panel Discussion (Angela Devlen, Tracy Robles, Ryan Tuchmayer and Dave McGraw)

Closing Session

Planning for Mass Gathering Events (Aaron Rubin, Adam Landsdorf, Kristina Spurgeon and Mitch Saruwatari)