CHA Launches Hospital Utility Survey to Assist With Preparedness and Response
Responses Due December 20th

CHA has launched a hospital utilities survey and encourages all hospitals to participate. Following hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, hospitals and government response agencies realized how important it is for emergency back‐up power (diesel generators), fuel and water to be readily accessible for hospitals to remain operational after a major disaster.

While the Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act will better prepare hospitals to remain operational, it will not be fully implemented until 2030. In the meantime, local, state and federal agencies need detailed information to allow them to respond quickly and provide support to hospitals following an earthquake, fire, flood or other incident that disrupts utility service and places hospital operations at risk. To assist with that effort, CHA strongly urges 100 percent hospital participation in its current survey.

The survey was developed by a work group of hospital subject matter experts in conjunction with state, federal and local agencies responsible for disaster response. The information collected will be shared with government agencies that have statutory authority to provide support to hospitals in a disaster, with the key goal of expediting assistance to hospitals in the event of a disaster.

CHA has distributed a copy of the survey  to hospital disaster planners, and recommends each hospital’s disaster planner coordinate as needed with the chief physical plant engineer. CHA appreciates members’ assistance and support with this important effort.

Please direct questions to Roger Richter or Cheri Hummel.