The Great Shakeout Exercise
October 18, 2018

California is covered by earthquake fault zones and often tops the list of a hospital’s Hazards Vulnerability Analysis report.  Earthquakes can result in structural damage, loss of utilities, loss of transportation corridors, loss of equipment and supplies, and a surge in patients.  The Great ShakeOut is scheduled for October 18th, 2018.  Hospitals are encouraged to register and participate in the Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill along with millions of others around the world.

Participating in the drill helps hospitals to review and update plans and supplies to prevent damage and injuries, and improve the chance for continuity of operations to provide care to the community.  Even if your hospital is not in one of the risk zones, participation can help prepare your facility as a receiving center from hospitals who are at risk during a major earthquake, or when you experience just one of the impacts practiced during the drill such as loss of water, or loss of power.

This is the tenth anniversary of the Great ShakeOut which started in California in 2008.  Registration and additional information on participation including drill templates for hospitals, can be found at