H1N1 Hospital Surveillance Tool (L&C)

CDPHi-L&C has announced a pilot project to review current infection-control policies and procedures relating to H1N1 influenza and hospital-acquired infections. The project will consist of three hospital surveys per District Office, for a total of 45 surveys beginning the week of December 7. The surveys are unannounced. After the pilot project is concluded, L&C will conduct reviews at additional hospitals when already on site investigating complaints or adverse events. L&C is projecting 18 surveys a week.

Attached is the survey tool that L&C surveyors will use. It is suggested that hospitals prepare a composite of all policies referred to in Section A of the survey tool and have this readily available for surveyors.

Policies change rapidly based on the availability of new information. In Section B-16, L&C recognizes that the process to revise existing policies takes time. Surveyors will look for a process that ensures hospitals are reviewing new information and are revising policies as necessary. Surveillance tips at the end of the survey tool provide additional insight as to what surveyors will look for when they visit your facility.

It is critical that hospitals adhere to their own policies and procedures, as well as the new Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard. For more information, contact me at (916) 552-7574 or