Healthcare and Public Health Sector-Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response, leads a unique public and private sector partnership in protecting the essential goods, services, and functions of healthcare and public health that, if destroyed or compromised, would negatively affect the Nation. The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) provides the framework for the healthcare and public health sector protection, as well as 17 other designated critical infrastructure sectors mandated by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive -7.

What they do:

  • Implement the NIPP sector partnership and risk management framework
  • Develop protective programs to protective actions to defend against, prepare for, and mitigate the consequences of a terrorist attack or other hazards
  • Provide guidance on sector critical infrastructure protection in line with NIPP
  • Measure the sector’s performance toward sector protection priorities
  • Encourage information sharing among all sector partners
  • Submit an annual sector plan and an annual sector report.
  • Access the Healthcare and Public Health Sector-Critical Infrastructure Protection website