Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)
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HICSi is an incident management system specifically designed to aid hospitals and healthcare entities in developing and refining their emergency management planning, response, and recovery capabilities. HICS is consistent with  Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) principles.

HICS is based on these fundamental elements:

  1. A predictable chain of command with a suggested span of control
  2. Accountability of position and team functions, including prioritized action checklists
  3. Usage of common language to promote inter-agency communication
  4. Is a flexible and scalable incident management system to address the planning and response needs of any size hospital with universal applicability
  5. Modular in design and adaptability, allowing planning and management of non-emergent incidents or events
  6. Guidance requirements from the NIMS and accreditation agencies regarding hospital use of incident command system principles with community partners
  7. Management by Objectives in which the problem encountered is evaluated, a plan to remedy the problem identified and implemented, and resources assigned

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HICS Incident Action Planning (IAP)

Demonstrates the application of the Incident Action Planning Process, and the implementation and use of the Incident Response Guides. IAP planning incorporates discussion and rehearsal of practical implementation of the Incident Action Planning process utilizing HICS forms, Incident Response Guides, and utilizes a Tabletop Exercise in the learning process.

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