HSEEP Quick Reference Guide

This resource was developed by the UC Berkley Center for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Readiness

This quick reference guide provides an overview of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) on the following topics:


  • What are exercises?
  • Why do organizations conduct exercises?
  • Five phases of the HSEEP exercise cycle
  • HSEEP overview
  • HSEEP exercise process

Exercise Program Management

  • Capabilities based planning
  • Types of Exercises
  • Training and Exercise Plan scheduling

Exercise Foundation and Scheduling

  • Exercise planning team
  • Exercise planning conferences (meetings)
  • Simple project management principles

Common Exercise Design Components

  • Exercise design
  • Developing an exercise scenario
  • Exercise participants

Evaluation and Improvement Process

  • Process overview
  • Exercise evaluation guide content

Discussion-based Exercises

  • Documentation for discussion-based exercises
  • Logistical considerations for discussion-based exercises
  • Facility/Room Setup

Operations-based Exercises

  • Documentation for operations-based exercises
  • Operations-based exercise venue considerations
  • Exercise Site Areas

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Online

  • HSEEP Toolkit

UC Berkeley Center for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Readiness

  • Contact information