Increase in Influenza A H3N2v Virus Infections

Multiple infections with variant* influenza A (H3N2v) viruses have been identified in 3 states and has been isolated in U.S. swine. While the viruses identified in these cases are genetically nearly identical, separate swine exposure events in different states were associated with human infections. There is no indication that the cases in different states are epidemiologically related. 

More than half of the recent infections with H3N2v have occurred after contact with pigs, but in some cases, the virus seems to have spread from person-to-person. So far spread has not continued beyond one or two people.

Clinical characteristics of the 16 H3N2v recent cases have been generally consistent with signs and symptoms of seasonal influenza, and have included fever, cough, pharyngitis, myalgia, and headache. No hospitalizations or deaths have occurred among the 16 confirmed cases since July 2012.