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FDA releases revised guidance: Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Zika Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Components August 2016

NBC News: Zika Took Her Baby. She Doesn’t Want It to Happen to You August 21, 2016

Los Angeles Daily News: Zika cases jump to 170 in California, sparking travel warnings August 19, 2016

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Zika Virus Response Updates from FDA June 22, 2016

FDA new guidance to reduce potential transmission

FDA guidance for blood donor screening, deferral and management

HHS Emergency Use Authorization for Zika antibody testing

U.S. County map of likely Zika mosquito locations

The Lancet: Zika virus in the female genital tract July 11, 2016

NBC News: Low-Tech Trap Might Help Fight Zika Virus Outbreaks, CDC says

New York Times: A Window Into the Workings of Zika

CNN Article: Florida health officials confirm local Zika transmission July 29, 2016

CNN Article: Zika has been sexually transmitted in Texas, CDC Confirms April 7, 2016

CNN Article: Zika test gets emergency approval by FDA, available to doctors next week April 29, 2016

STAT Article: Experimental Zika vaccine is approved for clinical trials for first time in U.S. June 20, 2016

NPR Article: Zika And Children: What Parents Need To Know June 20, 2016

World Health Organization Fact Sheet

New York Times 3/8/16 news article: W.H.O. Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Areas Where Zika Is Spreading

NBC News 3/23/16 news article: Americans Are Buying Up Insect Repellent Amid Zika Worries

AMA Zika Virus Resource Center

Zika Virus Health Information Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics – Zica Virus: What Parents Need to Know

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Practice Advisory on Zika Virus

Remarks by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, on Zika virus

FACT SHEET:  Preparing for and Responding to the Zika Virus at Home and Abroad

NIH seeks research applications to study Zika in pregnancy, developing fetus

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Website