Planning Today For a Pandemic Tomorrow – New Jersey Hospital Association

New Jersey Hospital Association Publication Series

Through the use of a detailed assessment and planning tools, hospitals can review existing policies and procedures, identify gaps, adopt new policies and procedures and generate a pandemic influenza plan that will facilitate a more effective response during a crisis.

These tools will assist hospitals in developing and adopting new policies that will be required to protect employees, patients and the hospital staff itself. The planning and assessment tool identifies critical elements within each module related to hospital operations during an emergency situation. In addition, the tool provides a variety of sample policies and procedures that facilities may elect to use in their planning process.

These tools were developed through a grant from Roche Pharmaceuticals.  For more information about the contents of these materials, please contact NJHA’s Health Planning Department at 609-275-4020 or visit the NJHA website for more information.

The Healthcare Guide for Pandemic Flu Planning Tools are available in several modules, listed below. Please note that these policies and procedures do not reflect standard of care.