Respiratory Protection Program Template for Hospitals
California Department of Public Health, Occupational Health Branch

This template is designed for use by hospital personnel who have been suitably trained and charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing a respiratory protection program that addresses aerosol transmissible diseases/pathogens and airborne hazardous materials in hospital work environments.  It is designed to be used in conjunction with “Implementing Respiratory Protection Programs in Hospitals: A Guide for Program Administrators,” which provides detailed instructions and tips for program development specifically in hospitals.  Use of this template does not guarantee compliance with Cal/OSHA standards, but is meant to help hospitals fulfill the requirement for a written RPP as one component of a comprehensive program to protect their employees.  It is important that you reference Title 8 CCR, Sections 5144 (Respiratory Protection Standard) and 5199 (ATD Standard), for details on specific Cal/OSHA requirements.