Shelter-in-Place Checklist

Attached is the Shelter-In-Place (SIP) Planning Checklist developed by CHA. The tool includes a decision-making algorithm for SIP and evacuation activation.

The Checklist and decision tree may be used to assist hospitals with developing, reviewing or updating their plans. Updated hospital evacuation plans and shelter in place protocols that document a hospital’s critical decision making processes are a Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Year 7 requirement.

The document was developed as a tool to help hospitals ensure that  elements listed have been addressed in their plans, policies and procedures.

The “Reference” column is to allow each hospital to note where in their documentation each item is addressed. The decision tree is to allow you to consider the critical decision making factors. This is a Tool for the hospital, and is not for submission to the County.

It is important to note that there are a number of situations or events that may require or lead a hospital to decide to shelter in place and, therefore, to plan in advance for those situations. Please also note that your plan should include what happens to those “locked out” when you are “locked down” (identify a sheltering site(s) outside of locked-down facilities). Also note that SIP differs depending on the type of event.