Social Media for Emergency Management
Fierce Healthcare

In jurisdiction’s dealing with an incident of national significance, the following lessons can be learned:

  • The world is watching and wants to help,
  • Rumors will run rampant because people try to live-tweet scanners and news broadcasts in crisis events,
  • Images and videos, no matter how graphic, will surface, and
  • The amount of information available will become a sifting and sorting nightmare, but There is now little dispute that the use of social media can rapidly allow agencies to share information and employ the public as additional eyes and ears during significant events.

Key Thoughts:

  • Acknowledging the crisis event, in some way, shows that your agency is tuned in and aware of national events.
  • Empathetic statements can open up a community dialogue.
  • It is always wise to provide reminders about not overloading phone lines, using text messages and use of the Red Cross Safe & Well Reporting website.
  • Sharing information about emergency plans or local resources are much more relevant during a time of crisis (and that window of opportunity evaporates quickly).

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