WRAP-EM Telehealth and COVID-19 Community Regional Response
2021 Disaster Planning for California Hospitals Virtual Conference

The presentation includes lessons learned and best practices identified through a comprehensive examination of the WRAP-EM community regional response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The presentation will provide information on the impact a supportive regional community can have on the positive health outcomes of pediatric patients, their families, health care providers, communities, and beyond.

Additionally, the presentation focuses on the WRAP-EM survey of pediatric emergency preparedness experts on telehealth infrastructure and how telehealth was integrated into existing pediatric emergency care. In addition to creating several recommendations for health systems, speakers share the challenges, what worked and lessons learned during the pandemic along with a “telehealth legal playbook” that addresses legal and regulatory barriers to telehealth in pediatric disaster management.

Presented by:

Mubeen Jafri, MD
Associate Professor 
Oregon Health & Science University

Karla Lavin Williams, DrPH
Southern California Coordinator
Western Region Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management (WRAP-EM)

James Marcin 
UC Davis

P. Brian Savino, MD, MPH
Director of Prehospital Care
Western Region Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management (WRAP-EM)