Mary Massey BSN, MA, PHN
Vice President, Emergency Management
Hospital Preparedness Program

Mary Massey, B.S.N, MA, PHN, has over twenty years experience in clinical and administrative management of hospital emergency medical services. She participates in multi-agency taskforces, including MMRS, UASI, and development of the Hospital Incident Command System as a member of the HEICS IV National Workgroup.

She authored comprehensive bioterrorism policies addressing the medical response to weapons of mass destruction, including mass decontamination, mass prophylaxis for first responders, and pandemic response for hospitals.  She has deployed with DMAT CA-1 to multiple wildfire responses and hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina. She has worked on projects with the CDC in Atlanta, a Controller and Evaluator for numerous ODP and G&T Full Scale Chemical Weapons Exercises across the country, and as a panel member on the AHRQ satellite broadcast on Bioterrorism Preparedness.

Ms. Massey has trained with the Department of Defense for weapons of mass destruction and the Department of Justice for domestic preparedness, including live-agent COBRA training and technical level Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings.  She is recognized as a Department of Justice WMD General Instructor.  She is a graduate from the Naval Postgraduate School where she graduated with her Master’s in Homeland Security and Defense.