Is Your Hospital Prepared?

California hospitals are a critical element within the disaster medical response system and work collaboratively with local government, other health care providers and other agencies to plan, prepare for and respond to the needs of victims of natural or man-made disasters, bioterrorism, and other public health emergencies. Hospital emergency preparedness is a priority for government at all levels, as well as a key focus of regulatory and accrediting agencies.

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Southern California Fires
December 2017

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California hospital survives a night amid wildfires Becker’s Hospital Review December 8, 2017

California behavioral health hospital burns down as wildfires spread Becker’s Hospital Review December 6, 2017



Hospitals Participated in the annual Statewide Medical Health Exercise last week

How ready is your facility to handle a Paris-style, multi-venue, terrorist attack?  This year’s annual Statewide Medical and Health Exercise (SWMHE) did just that.  With attacks coming from every angle, hospitals tested the organization’s readiness, plans, policies and procedures internally, and with local, regional and state partners.


Las Vegas Mass Shooting News Articles

Mass casualty events used to be a rare occurrence. In today’s world they are far too common and the victims are not the only casualties in the aftermath. 

When the hospital looks like a “war zone”CNN.com Nov 11, 2017

Las Vegas Healthcare Workers Faced Impossible Horrors, But Still Pulled ThroughPSQH.com Nov 15, 2017


The Joint Commission to Incorporate New Emergency Management Standards
Requirements take effect Nov. 15

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved The Joint Commission’s updated emergency management standards, which were created in response to the CMS final rule on emergency preparedness. According to The Joint Commission, the most significant changes are to home health settings — with 39 new performance elements ­— and  ambulatory health care, with 29 new performance elements. Hospitals and critical access hospitals each have 21 new requirements. The Joint Commission will begin surveying to the updated emergency management requirements as of the final rule’s Nov. 15 implementation date. For more information, visit The Joint Commission website.