Becoming Your Own Personal Energy Expert: Managing and Expanding Energy & Excellence
2021 Disaster Planning for California Hospitals Virtual Conference

The need to focus on well-being is paramount to enhancing resiliency and creating performance excellence during adversity. This dynamic session encourages attendees to examine elements of purpose, passion, relationships, and vision that contribute to well-being at work and in life.

Ms. Johnson will demonstrate how prioritizing well-being contributes to personal effectiveness, supports teams, and helps achieve organizational outcomes. She will also help you identify and operationalize your best self-vision to use as the foundation for balance and effective decision-making in work and life. Finally, she will teach you how to develop strategies for attending to your physical, emotional, and mental energy so you can show up in alignment with purpose and best serve your communities and families.

Presented by:

Natalie Johnson, MS
Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
ViDL Solutions