Hospital Requirements
Drills & Exercises

Hospitals are required to conduct drills and exercises for accreditation and/or grant requirement(s).

 Examples of these requirements include:

  • The HPP grant may require hospital participation in the annual Statewide Medical Health Exercise.
  • The National Incident Management System Compliance for Healthcare Objective 7 states that NIMS concepts and principles are promoted into all organization-related training and exercises.
  • The Joint Commission in EM03.01.03 requires two emergency response exercises (at least one to include an escalating event where the local community is unable to support the event), and at least one to include participation in a community-wide exercise.
  • The California Code of Regulations 70741 (d) requires disaster plans to be rehearsed at least twice per year. 70743 © requires fire and internal disaster drills shall be held at least quarterly for each shift of hospital personnel and under varied conditions.
  • NFPA 5.14 requires the entity shall evaluate program plans, procedures, and capabilities through periodic reviews, testing, and exercises.