FEMA Releases Continuity Guidance Circular

On March 22, FEMA released the Continuity Guidance Circular (CGC) following a nationwide, whole community effort to review and revise the guidance. The CGC guides efforts to develop and maintain the capability to ensure continuity of operations, continuity of government, and enduring constitutional government during an emergency that disrupts normal operations. Development and maintenance of continuity capabilities helps build and sustain a more resilient nation that is equipped to sustain essential functions and core capabilities, while delivering critical services under all conditions.

The CGC describes federal and non-federal continuity efforts; outlines whole community continuity roles, responsibilities, and coordinating structures; and describes the process for building and maintaining capabilities to ensure the performance of essential functions and delivery of critical services and core capabilities.

Organizations and governments at all levels can draw upon the CGC as a reference when creating or revising continuity plans, programs, and processes. Many jurisdictions and organizations already have an existing continuity program and plan and will use the Circular to refine capabilities and processes. 

To read the Continuity Guidance Circular and obtain additional information, visit Additional inquiries can be directed to

FEMA offers training, technical assistance, and outreach to assist organizations and governments develop and maintain a continuity plan and program to implement the concepts found within the CGC. The Continuity Resource Toolkit, found here, contains these additional tools, templates, and resources.