Hospital Business Continuity Templates

These Business Continuity Plan (BCP) templates and instruction manuals are provided by the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency as a resource to assist healthcare facilities develop their business continuity plans and meet the Hospital Preparedness Program’s Healthcare Preparedness Capability 2: Healthcare System Recovery, whose focus is an effective and efficient return to normalcy or a new standard of normalcy for the provision of healthcare delivery to the community.  The Los Angeles County EMS Agency has conducted several business continuity-related webinars and workshops.  These resources, including BIA tools, interviewing tips, and more are available at:

2016 Templates

Dept Clinical BCP Template with Instructions

Dept Clinical BCP Template

Dept Non-Clin BCP Template with Instructions

Dept Non-Clin BCP Template

Facility-Wide BCP Template with Instructions

Facility-Wide BCP Template

2015 Templates

Template – BCP General

Biomedical Engineering Template LAC

Emergency Department Template LAC

Pharmacy Template LAC

Clinics Template LAC

ICU Template LAC

Respiratory Template LAC

Diagnostic Imaging Template LAC

Nutrition Template LAC