Hospital Repopulation After Evacuation: Guidelines and Checklist

Attached is an updated tool for hospitals, Hospital Repopulation after Evacuation Guidelines and Checklist. The purpose of the document is to identify hospital operational and safety best practices, as well as regulatory agency requirements, which must be considered when repopulating after full or partial evacuation of general acute care hospital inpatient building(s) (GACHB). The association sought consultation from a number of State agencies prior to publishing this document.

The initiative to develop Repopulation Guidelines was undertaken to identify factors and steps that will allow an evacuated hospital to return to normal operations as quickly as possible. While events and circumstances may vary, efforts focused on identification of State agency requirements and the basic steps that must be considered to meet those requirements.

The Repopulation Guidelines should be used to review and update hospital Evacuation and Shelter in Place plans, as necessary, to ensure that they are consistent and to allow the hospital to consider repopulation requirements prior to evacuation.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Mary Massey.