The Impact of Ransomware Attacks on Hospitals and Health Systems

John Riggi, senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk at the American Hospital Association, a nationally recognized cybersecurity expert and former FBI cyber senior executive has been on the forefront in directly assisting health care providers as they prepare for, respond to and recover from ransomware attacks. Mr. Riggi will discuss his uniquely informed national perspective on the rash of recent ransomware attacks, identify the groups behind these attacks, how hospitals and health systems have become victimized, and what can be done to prevent these attacks.

Mr. Riggi will also discuss the impact these ransomware attacks have had on large systems and small hospitals — from lost data and revenue to civil and regulatory exposure, loss of community confidence and, most significantly, impact to patient care delivery and risk to patient safety.  

Mr. Riggi will also discuss AHA’s national call to action to the federal government to utilize all elements of national power to “defend forward” and disrupt these ransomware attackers who are being provided safe harbor in adversarial nations. The government has heard the call and responded.

Presented by:

John Riggi

Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk
American Hospital Association