Preparedness Index Shows Gradual Improvement in National Health Security

The 2017 release of the National Health Security Preparedness Index reflects gradual improvement in state and national progress related to preparing for disasters, disease outbreaks and other emergencies that pose risks to health and well-being. According to the index, national health security has improved 6.3 percent since 2013. The current national score is 6.8 out of 10 on average, with higher scores reported for health security surveillance (7.9) and incident and information management (8.2) domains. California’s current scores generally mirror the national rates, with an above average rating on environmental and occupational health. Overall, the index found large and persistent geographic disparities in health security; that gains in health insurance coverage strengthen health security in many states; and that participation in health care preparedness coalitions by hospitals, public health agencies and emergency agencies has trended upward since 2013.

Hospitals are reminded to share the ways in which they are using the index through the Preparedness Innovator Challenge, a competition to identify ways in which the index stimulates communication, collaboration and action to improve health security. For more information, visit