Ready or Not? Protecting The Public’s Health From Diseases, Disasters, And Bioterrorism
Report issued by the Trust for America’s Health

The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) issues the Ready or Not? report annually to provide the public and policymakers with an independent analysis about progress and vulnerabilities in the nation’s public health preparedness. The report assesses the level of preparedness in states, evaluates the federal government’s role and performance, and offers recommendations for improving emergency preparedness. 

This report also aims to foster greater accountability for how effectively taxpayer dollars are used to improve the nation’s readiness for health emergencies. Without transparency, it is hard for the policymakers to assess how well prepared we are for the range of threats our nation faces.

The report:

  • Informs policymakers about the status of public health preparedness in the United States;
  • Provides greater transparency for public health preparedness programs;
  • Encourages greater accountability for the spending of preparedness funds; 
  • Recommends ways to help the nation move toward a strategic, capabilities-based system able to respond effectively to health threats posed by diseases, disasters and bioterrorism

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