UC Health’s COVID-19 Command Centers
Disaster Planning for California Hospitals Conference

UC Health Emergency Managers at all five UC Medical Centers were front and center for COVID-19 response, even before it was a leading news story. The EMs are often asked questions like: How did we do this? Did we know this was coming? What are we thinking about now? What is it that you do here, exactly? They would love to share their experiences with you. Join us for a panel presentation with the Emergency Managers from all five University of California Medical Centers.

Presented by:

David Blacksberg
Senior Consultant
BSI Consulting Services

Joe Brothman Director
Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety & Emergency Management
UC Irvine Health

Kevin Dugan
Director, Emergency Management
UC San Francisco Health

Kurt Kainsinger Director
Office of Emergency Preparedness,
UCLA Health

Kristina Spurgeon
Emergency Manager
University of California, Davis Health

Matthias Tooman
Emergency Operations Manager
UC San Francisco Health